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Universal Cosmic Starseed Origin By ReikiMiAlma

Starseed Origin by ReikiMiAlma is a full lineage birth chart. This chart is a full map of your Astrological Galactic keys holding on to your Starseed DNA blueprint information. This is why and how we reconnect to our Quantum Universal Starseed origin families. You will receive a whole background of your transiting planetary and stars aspects.

We all have unique and special quantum gifts containing in our Galactic Starseed history. This ReikiMiAlma Universal Galactic activations will allow you to see a map of your origin star, galaxies, and beyond. You all have some type of celestial agreement and now your family are waiting to align with you again for your highest good.

This is more than a personal Akashic Record because is a reading, clearing, and it will assist you deeply understand your soul’s purpose. This is huge if you are reading this now, your Higher Self is waiting to reconnect with you. This is beyond the universal light shining on your aligned stars. This is how you develop your spiritual development and open up to your future paying it forward to understand other beings. It is up to you to write your own story based on your memories because some stars have no disclosed history. You came to declare your sovereignty of your right-fullness in this lifetime. Advanced and evolved souls heard the call to our great awakening to the Golden Age. This is a unique way to reconnect to your star families. Our civilization and their civilization will exchange to reconnect for deeper healing. These energies will reconnect creation with an abundance of deep enlightenment and serenity.

You will learn how to stabilize our dimension in preparations for your future alignment with families and clients. Not only will you assist the stars system on the front line like Arcturian, Pleiadians, Sirius, Sirian, Lyran, Orion, Andromedan and many more. You will golden-rainbow bridge the connection of another star system that is ascending with you as well. Today we have witnessed the rapid accelerations as we release trapped and enslaved souls in the Omniverse through deep healings, dreams, readings, channeling, hypnosis/regressions, and many more sacred modalities.

Galactic Universal Tree Of Life of fame records of another universe, galaxy, star system, different dimensions, and planets can be identified by your soul. You are more than all the collective of your family souls and beyond. There are infinite souls family beyond your comprehension as you understand your traits of Starseed Origins.

‘’We remember, we recalled and we recognized the sounds of the trumpets, THE CALL!”

In the Golden light consciousness, there has been a tremendous release of these Astros alignment celebrating the union of our soul’s families. We are back into union with our universal families because it is here that you find the true answers to your soul. This is where some people can find closure with finding the truth of their parents, siblings, children, friends, and spouses' origins.

Connect with this Galactic Center of your birth alignment to receive your roots birthright gifts. Your activation is returned to you from what was once taken. You have been returned to your universal love as One with Source.

We are still in our mission and working in the murky waters of psychic vampirism that are still around. Creating boundaries by surrounding yourself with universal love will align you to your guides.

This is a prompt way to review all of your cosmic gifts from within your soul’s family hearts. You will receive a copy of a picture of your birth chart. This is a universal Trinfinity of information based on the birth of this earth timeline. You will receive the basics of your Starseed origin, astrological personality, and a private activation by appointment only. These calculations are specifically for your highest good to begin to get to know your origins closer and deeper. It is an Astro combination with the cosmos method to provide your DNA imprint for better understanding.

You will receive your golden key to your sacred gifts from your original home. You will gain back what is rightfully yours. You will be able to understand your soul’s family. This will allow you to better understand and heal your family, friends, and clients.

Together, within our own Krystos Source’s Golden Light will bring light to others. Together in the sacred union, we can receive back our birthright golden wisdom. We are no longer separated and kept away from each other. We are within our Source’s union in love, protected, shielded, and ascended.

‘’We remember, we recalled and we recognized the sounds of the trumpets, THE CALL.”

We’re opening to deeper attunements & new kinds of information. This assists the lightworkers & all advanced souls who have answered the clear call. ReikiMiAlma Universal Galactic Trinfinity Regression, ReikiMiAlma Universal Trinfinity Healing, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (Dolores Cannon), Usui Reiki I, Reiki II & Reiki Master/Teacher, Angel Reiki Master Attunement, Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy, Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing, Reiki Kundalini Master, Crystal Energy Intuitive Healer Activator, Sacred Flames Igniter, Ordained Minister, Group and Single Meditations, Photographer Healer & more.


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