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Activations from, “The Crown of Lemurian,” Alaska with

“This is your Higher Self, your Source team connecting with you my dear and you’re absolutely right! Blow up the image and see every member of the Collective that is assisting in this undertaking.

It is not one team but millions and millions of teams. All of my Art is multi-directional, multidimensional, and takes you on journeys to answer questions. It has inner healings, initiations, and activations because that is the intention with the Angels sitting on my side.”

Activations from, “The Crown of Lemurian,” Alaska with

It brings me to tears, admiring the most profound consequence of looking at this transcendent divine Art. It's been many years as long as I can recall I have been collecting cosmic stars system codes. It is like seeing a graphic of connecting dots after sun gazing. Today, I know that they are star systems from our soul families’ homes. My beautiful Crown Lemurian Chakra soul sister from a previous life in Capricornus ignited and activated all as One. Her amazing activations from self-healing to paying it forward have sparked all life, Source. This sacred fired-up unique service will serve your Highest Good. You, as a Lightworker will benefit from this practice and receive activations. This service will turn you into a Lightforce, to experience Oneness with Source. You will teach your clients how to begin their own soul exploration back to their rightful blueprint/DNA. They will start to understand, recognize and appreciate that it begins within by facilitating themselves first.

I love this beautiful Soul Sister! I counsel you all by looking at her or hearing her enlightenment high frequency voice your heart will immediately begin to galvanize healings. I truly recommend this service from Kay Noble, Captain, and The Team.

This picture shows you my current situation, a loving relationship going through an immense transition now. Kay has no idea of the electrifying confirmation I received from these beautiful sacred shapes. I AM heartfelt overwhelmed with gratitude as I look at the pyramids, trinity, diamonds in the sky, Galactic Central Sun, the Universal rainbow lights, white plasma ships, and beyond. Kay can go as far as cutting out what no longer serves you (another miracle she manifested, to be continued). These are all personal revelations from Source, Infinite Creator giving me visuals of my Soul. As I continue to utilize all Source sacred tools I AM already AM assisting as part of the Collective. This is a way of receiving confidence revealing that there is no separation. Once availed knowledge with the thought of the Creator it can’t be altered.

Kay Noble, Captain, and The Team. is the infinite love and understanding like our Creator... Please visit, have Kay and her Team unveil to channel your true authentic Soul.

By ReikiMiAlma


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