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"Thanks again, it was very pleasant meeting you. Thanks again for your blessings over this necklace, 'Tree of Life' necklace I will show it off in church tomorrow and everyone loves it and I keep on all the time. Have a blessed day!"

Wronnette N. 

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"This has just absolutely amazed me, God bless you, sweetheart, I am absolutely in love with this you have no idea how excited and how much I appreciate your kindness you are an angel!" 


amethys and rose.jpg

"ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! I am so happy I purchased these! Seller shipped fast, packaged beautiful, included info cards on them, & wrote such a beautiful card! Highly recommend, I'd love to work with her again any day!!! Thank you so much!!!" 


amethys and rose.jpg

"You’re so sweet! Thanks for going the extra mile!" 


Aurora W.

"Absolutely stunning I love this setting!! Love it love it love it 😍❤️ Thanks, amazing seller right here 😊share away!! It’s beautiful thanks again!"❤️





Thank you,

for your Love Donation...

Please know that every soul has their own unique time frame to ascend in the spiritual realm. Kindly and gently allow this to embody your highest good to achieve your life's purpose. In every Reiki healing experience is different for each individual. I am committed to reinforcing gratitude to the positive things in my life. I am thankful to my clients and wonderful recipients that have opened to healing.  I am grateful for all the experiences that I have encountered in the past that served me for my highest good and well being. I am grateful that every day I am able to pause, breathe and appreciate the air that mother earth provides us.  I have relevant lessons imprinted on my soul from the departed souls that have transcended to the spiritual dimension. I am grateful to have the time that was permitted in this physical world. I am grateful to allow and for-giving myself the gift of love and light.  I have an open heart to respect the indifference of some human beings spiritual path. I appreciate the small free things that we take for granted every day. 


Stay in the present moment to hold on to peace in our hearts in midst of chaos. Practice grounding yourself to fulfill our heart with joy, love, and peace. I have integrated my soul to completely surrender with an open heart. I am grateful that I have traveled between past, present, and future to gain self-knowledge as a light spiritual soul being. We are the deeply rooted core of the tree of life and we hold many branches that are fruitful that is our birthright.  Thank you for sharing your abundance of light and love, Namaste.


ReikiMiAlma would like to thank you in advance, for your voluntary free will to choose a loving donation in gratitude, please see below. Thank you for sharing your affection and appreciation to support ReikiMiAlma. Please feel free to donate in order to support our purpose to continue keeping up with the costs of maintaining ReikiMiAlma. 

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