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The Power Of Amethyst

Amethyst is an extremely powerful, protective crystal, a natural stress-free and abundance of healthy strength. You can take this lucky amethyst crystal anywhere with you to work for your highest good. One of the most important chakras are the Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra.

How do Amethyst works? Amethyst has a powerful healing force to transmute lower vibrations energies to higher frequencies. You will discover how to improve your life. You will have the ability to a higher source of energy healing.

Third Eye Chakra (Brow Chakra) can open up your own inner intuition. This is a very important physical plane when is unblocked you can develop your own psychic abilities. Amethyst has powerful violet colors that activate the Crown Chakra allowing you to access your, "Higher Self." I believe that placing them in corners of my home space can protect my family from lower vibes. The fact is that by reading this you have already been intrigued by their power to healing. I enjoy amethyst tumbled crystals under my pillow and around my bedroom for a peaceful stress-free rest.

How to pray with amethyst? I enjoy to meditate and pray by holding the amethyst or placing my hand-on reiki on them. I picture a purple orb above my head in my soul star chakra and allow it to spin. I can immediately feel it surrounding me with a Violet Flame transmuting all negativity to a safe positive vibe. Learn more of Distance Reiki Healing, click here. The amethyst awakens the consciousness to your spirit and soul in all levels of your physical plane. You have memory in your DNA, cells, and your amethyst is able to awaken your life's plan/blueprint. Wearing amethyst in jewelry is extremely beneficial for your highest self and is therapy for your soul.

  • Root Chakra, when you clear this chakra you will have vitality, stability and it will assist you to release the old patterns ways. Say, “I Am Alive, I AM integrating the power of unity and my connection with mother earth's abundance."

  • Sacral Chakra, this is where life begins and scientists have captured images of, "The flash of light that sparks at the very moment a human sperm cell makes contact with an egg." It enhances the connection with your Spirit and Soul. Take back your personal power by saying, "I Feel, I AM in tune with my Soul and spirit with passion. I AM Joy, Peace, and Love."

  • Solar Plexus Chakra, Amethyst vibrations clears out all old pattern lower debris and activates the chakra with light, vitality, and grounding. It is here where you learn to set boundaries and honor by respecting others boundaries for their highest good. You will gain self-control and become the master of your desires to your Highest Good. Say, "I AM Whole and Complete through God's radiant Light. I AM Presence!"

  • Heart Chakra releases toxic attachment in your life. Violet Flame transmute all painful energies by clearing out with For-giving yourself Love and Light. You connect to your Soul/Spirit, your life, and unconditional loving yourself with the Light. You will release addictive lower patterns to negativity and replace these thoughts with love. Activate this chakra with the divine source of our Father. Say, "I receive and project only with Love and Light."

  • Throat Chakra, Amethyst immediately removes energies that no longer serve you. The power of the spoken words is very important when you speak in soul language your thoughts radiate light. Say, "I Speak, I have the willpower to self-expression and to speak my truth to freedom."

  • Brow/Third Eye Chakra, Amethyst is able to open up the portals to your divine self-higher. The light moves and activates your Third Eye to your Crown Chakra. Allowing your God's consciousness to guide you and feel (listen) to your light-being inspire you through guidance. The inspiration from the highest realms Father, Mother, Angels, and Light-beings. You will need to ask for your Angels to intervene with transformative love. Create an intention to receive assistance by giving them permission. Together the Angelics forces and Light-being will be there to represent your Father God and Mother's Love to Unity.

  • Crown Chakra, assist you to release mental imbalances by clearing out distortions. Say, “I See and I AM listening to the wisdom of my Higher Self. I AM connected to My Soul Star Rainbow Bridge."

Reiki is not a religion it is a Japanese technique to promote wellness. To learn more of Reiki, click here. Amethyst has the power to transmute negative energy to a love energy by shielding you with protection.

Stay grounded with this amethyst keychain and you will gain self-control and become a master of your desires. Keep practicing to For-Give yourself with love and light.

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