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Pluto’s Rising Phoenix & Volcano

Pluto retrograde from 4/27 to 10/6 Pluto the planet that symbolizes transformation, death, power, distraction or regeneration. For some this was a definitely rebirth transformation experience. This beautiful new moon in Libra of balance pushing and assisting Pluto to move direct taking a leap new dimension. Dressing up with a brand new identity of your birth right now it’s safe to release the Dragons Flames. We are ready to speak our truth and to show the truth vibrations of all the work we’ve done and how we can assistant each other. We need each other’s love and support. These times we need to unite, continue to hold the light for each other, and support each other. During trying times we are the light bringers to our brothers and sisters. Feel the flame in your hearts and together we are stronger.

Pluto may be small, but its influence is deep and mighty. Pluto has a difficult job because each cycle around the sun is a new generation that takes 248 years. We need each other now more than ever before. Pluto represents both the reforming and destroys urges. It rules our deepest subconscious and because it embodies the principle of transformation and regeneration. It can bridge the spiritual and material worlds. Pluto’s chaos is the chaos of upheaval and transformative changes. It owns the renewal phenomenon tears down and destroys all forms in structure and then rebuilt from those ruins. The phoenix’s very much a Pluto symbol. Some people focus on the shocking destruction and others see the renewals. You can’t renew without destruction for some people. We know what needs to rebuild and we all agreed to join in to assist out Pluto. Just like the phoenix, Pluto cycle fertility, death, and rebirth. We need to love the unawakens because living through Pluto’s transit is not fun or even enjoyable. However, after is all over the transformed person often has a feeling of being glad it happened that’s the Phoenix confirmation. Pluto cleansing and unpleasant energies are happening today. Once again, it feels good once all toxins are gone that’s the symbol of the Phoenix. Another, symbol for Pluto is a volcano you can’t see the magma rising or feel the pressure building until it’s about to blow up. Then when it blows it is always something of a surprise you know the pressures of the building but cannot exactly predict when it will blow. Pluto rules Scorpio in the eighth house the house of the underground. This power can become too great to be manipulated and out of control. We need to rise up together and sent love light to each other because we are aware of what our friends, family, and clients are purging. We need to protect our divine healing energies to continue working with our brothers and sisters.


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