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Full Moon in Scorpio and Sun in Taurus

Unlock your gifts...

How is this wave of energy best is fit you? Do you see what’s in front of you? Can you see the controlled, slavery and manipulation of what no longer serves your birthright? Stay in this plane of observing what goes on around yourself, your thoughts and your inner feelings. Be the witness and learn the "Truth," within yourself and liberation with the perception of yourself. The full moon can ignite the effect back in January’s double Full Moon in 2018. On January 2nd we welcomed the new year with a Full Moon and January 31st a Blue Moon (second full moon in a month). During the full moon, it is beneficial to be prepared for the intense energies within 3 to 5 days before and after the full moon. Are you prepared for the Awakening? Let's welcome this new energy of healing and circumstances of growth.

On April 29, 2018, Full Moon in Scorpio can make you revise back what you have ended and to begin new. Remember, Full Moon is a symbol of ending relationships, unfortunately, some of us still need the double energy to boost us to the ending phase in order to start a new beginning. Think back where you were in January 2018.

We can all relate to situations taking us back to painful events. We learn to dismiss these thoughts and focus on the now simply by breathing deep, count to 3 before you react and if needed count to 10 by walking away.

After, you have accepted to a new beginning this beautiful Full Moon in Scorpio will be a blessing. Scorpion's ruler Mars is assisting in the “All or Nothing at All.” However, Moon square Ceres, symbolizing to love you to death by squeezing the life out of you. This mix of energy brings some narcissistic personalities to drown themselves into the self-serving egotistic spirit. It is safe to feel powerful but don't abuse your powers and invite the wrong energy. If you feel in doubt, or extremely stressful do not take any actions and keep your feet grounded because this will pass. For additional information find out, how will it affect you in your life.

Aries, 8th House of finances and major decisions for a long-lasting time. Request information, here. Best crystal for Aries is Red Jasper or carry Citrine for a powerful luck.

Taurus, 7th House of partnerships with marriage or professional collaboration in signing papers with a gift of stability. Request information, here. The best crystal for Taurus is Goldstone for grounding and protection of abundance to keep you away from negative people.

Taurus, in 7th house of partnerships with marriage or professional collaboration in signing papers with a gift of stability.

Gemini, 6th House of health, new projects, new job or excel in your career. Request information, here. Best Crystal for Gemini is Green Aventurine for abundance and Black Obsidian for protection.

Cancer, 5th House of your true love and this will be a sweet and fun moon for you.Request information, here. The best Crystal for Cancer is Opalite for clarity and Rose Quartz for balancing the heart.

Leo, 4th House improve your life with family, property, and home. Have fun. Request information, here. The best Crystal for Leo is Tiger's Eye for supporting your soul.

Virgo, 3rd House Work, work, and more work. Your career is ready to take off and major communication involved in here. Request information, here. The best Crystal for Virgo is the Tree of Life for balance and Green Aventurine for finance.

Libra, 2nd House of salary and receiving income as well spending or investing. Request information, here. The best Crystal for Libra is Sodalite for decision making and Citrine for balance in power.

Scorpio, 1st house this is the only Full Moon for you that will be very intense, keep the faith. Also, comforting results with the help and rescue of other planets. Request information, here. The best Crystal for Scorpion is Citrine, for infusing light, Malachite for transforming negative energy to positive and Amethyst to open up and bring you peace.

Sagittarius, 12th house of completion, rest and stay low. Things are ending and you are in a better place to create. Request information, here. The best Crystal for Sagittarius is Turquoise can help enhance your intuition and Blue Goldstone will keep you safe & protect you.

Capricorn, 11th house of friendship and happiness. Request information, here. The best Crystal for Capricorn is a complete set of 7 Crystals Stones for Balance.

Aquarius, 10th house new career and self-employment with contracts. Request information, here. The best Crystal for Aquarius is Amethyst to transform negativity to positive vibes.

Pisces, 9th house of travel and changes. Take a breath of relief. Request information, here. The best Crystal for Pisces is Amethyst or Amethyst Tumbled Crystal to carry everywhere.

Email to request your report for as low as $20.00 and you will receive a full report with details of this powerful Full Moon in Scorpio and Sun in Taurus. Learn more how these intense energies will affect you no matter what your sign is you will find peace and balance.

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