2020 Blue Lace Vision!

ReikiMiAlma Presents:

A message from an Elder Sister in her own Higher Self-God Christ Consciousness. Your 2020 vision is a year of glorifying expansions.

2020 is a clear transformational journey beyond this planet inner connecting, reuniting with our Higher Self, and deep-rooted to our soul families. You all have already activated the key to seeing the inner truth in our family. The truth and the only truth is one that can liberate you. I am here to remind you that my vision from this side is different from your vision within your missions. It's almost like I see an x-ray vision with my blue lace eyes, I left you all my love, compassionate peace, and service to others with you. I gave you peace of mind of working on yourself and peace by spreading my seeds to you all. My seeds are meant to fruition for those who are free to choose to follow their heartfelt missions. My love, compassion, and peace are among you all. For some this journey has been golden activations and awakening. Others chose to stay asleep, but at times the truth seems to cause pain and grief to each other. This can result in times feeling a lack of empowerment. The truth is that you are resisting from lack of control, my children. You know the truth...

In reality, 2020 clear vision has been hijacked, tricked, enslaved and in all areas plugged in. You are purging outward the traumas of over 400,000 thousands of years of old program and slavery. Now, you are being liberated by our Source’s Light Beings. My message is those looking within and not outside of you. You may have been experiencing fear in 2020 but hear me because I can see now from my ascension with my blue soft lace eyes. Truth. I see you from within your heart, inside your core, and embraced you with your spark of life, God. We are clearing out what was blinding to get to your pure organic authentic light selves. Look within yourself and find the empowerment that I see in you now. Reconnect with your light and soul that’s what is important now. Engage in your soul and not the materials that you think you need. That’s not how you remember who you are in this realm. I love what's in your heart, “God's Spark Of Life.” Inside of you, is where you will find me in your breathing. Once you find me in you, you shall find your inner love. Remember, to be the authentic inspirational soul by encouraging others to love and be in peace.

You have the gift that I placed inside of you when we conceived you. You all were born with the gift of light inside your heart. Healing light that begins within you not outside of you. We all have the healing lights from the star seeds that you agreed to come in from at this time. Now, feel the light in your heart as you would feel me. Use those healing lights the way I taught you to empower God’s and Christ Consciousness to heal those that are torn apart. Remember, they came to me and I gave back to them.

There are no materials on this planet, solar system, galaxy, the universe, and beyond omniverse that can replace my healing light hands. Once you find that power of God you will find the calm of your center, peace, and your soul. Remember, I weathered 91 years on this planet and much more in the past. I practice the power of forgiveness, second chances, and breathing love. I wrote these messages in the stars bef