Tree of Life Necklace 7 Chakras Crystal Stones Reiki Infused for your "Highest Good." If you are unable to manifest your own goals or business goals, feel a low energy flow, drained, less spiritually empowered, not feeling satisfied, impotent in creating by feeling stuck and infertile. If you are not receiving is because your chakras are, Blocked. You need to clear out your chakras and learn to create an intention to clear them. How to Clear my lower chakras by Reiki Master Teacher? You have the ability to receive and give because you were born to experience abundance. It does not matter where you are or where are you going the universe is prepared with abundance resources. You will need to balance your chakras to begin the giving and receiving the law of attraction. Tree of Life Necklace 7 Chakras Crystal Stones Reiki Infused improves your awareness, learning and coping with the life that attracts the manifestations of abundance. Clear out your Chakras to Manifest your dreams. The Chakras system has different sections associated with names, locations, central issues and balancing goals. Chakras are dimensional wheels that are open with energy flowing within natural harmonizing your spirit, mental, emotional and health. A disharmony body indicates that the chakras wheels are not moving causing dysfunctional vibes and disharmony. Each wheel is associated with a specific body part, organ structures, emotions, colors, elements, and spiritual connections. We all have a higher power that designates your chakras to flow and to circulate like flower petals. This higher power energy goes by many different names, symbols, and languages. The Sanskrit, means life force in chi, prana, and soul are some examples.