"Reiki My Soul/Spirit”

I want my clients to be partners in their own healing. I want them to understand how powerful their minds and bodies really are, and how each organ and symptom is part of a larger system. The "Lightbody" is the foundation that holds our consciousness record/blueprint by connecting us to our higher self (soul). It is the human energy Aura of multiple layers of fields of energy around your body. Your soul is your original revelation, perceptive and awareness that holds your consciousness. Your spirit is a seed atom that's in your heart and it ignites with your soul, "One with All." The eternal love of every single soul has an expedition. The experiences of your soul not connected to your spirit becomes negatively influenced by blocking your chakras. Humans are artificially trained to forget they have souls this is how we are disconnected to our spirit and can't connect to our higher self. We have learned that when the soul and spirit are separated we are vulnerable to dis-ease, dis-harmony and divides us by the anti-life and anti-love vibe.

Please know that every soul has their own unique timeframe to spiritually grow and ascend. Kindly and gently allow this to embody your highest good to achieve your life's purpose because every soul has a different pace in their journey.

The body needs personal deliverance from the roots that causes dis-ease in the core of emotional, psychological and spiritual trauma. We are our own savior and we are the only one to take responsibility to shift away from this pain. There are dark forces preying upon the weakness of the inner thoughts, self-doubt emotions, and spiritual structure. The only way to avoid any further manipulation is to discover how to learn to love ourselves unconditionally, enough to have the strength to shift away. It is a powerful transition and transformation to forgive because you can take the path of a warrior and move on to the restored platform. There are hostile beings that can read your thoughts, manipulate and make you cross unthinkable boundaries. These predators attempt to induce your ignorance by keeping you in the slaved mind and in a dense prison victim to the lower vibrations self-serving ego.