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Universal Starseed Galactic Brithchart

Universal Starseed Origin by ReikiMiAlma is a full lineage birth chart

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Service Description

Universal Starseed Origin by ReikiMiAlma is a full lineage birth chart. This chart is a full map of your Astrological Universal Galactic Starseed Key Birthchart. These key codes are holding on to your Starseed stored DNA blueprint information. This is why and how we reconnect to our quantum Universal Galactic Starseed origin soul’s families. You will receive a whole background of your transiting planetary, stars aspects, and more. The veil is getting thinner and thinner this is a good time to get your Akashic record. You will meet your guidance and your soul's inspiration with the intention of the universes answering your concerns and questions at will. Your Higher Self will begin to provide guidance and explore to have you evolve more with them. We all have unique and special quantum gifts containing in our Universal Galactic Starseed history. This ReikiMiAlma Universal activation will allow you to see a map of your origin star, galaxies, and beyond your imagination. You all have some type of celestial agreement and now your family is waiting to align with you again for your highest good. This is maybe more than a personal Akashic Record to some even though is a part of the whole plan. This is because is a channeling, reading, clearing, and it will assist you deeply to understand your soul’s purpose. This is huge if you are reading this now, your Higher Self is waiting to reconnect with you. This is beyond the universal light shining on your aligned stars. Do you know what are Starseeds? Starseed is individuals who exist here on planet terra and the sun star system. Yes, we have many different types of the star system from our solar system, galaxies, the universe, Omniverse, different dimensions, and parallel universes. Some starseeds are incarnated in this terra and others can be incarnated from different dimensions in different places. In other words, maybe from or some have been stuck in different dimensions. Some Starseeds are in a mission of an ascension's purpose. They are here for your highest purpose’s mission. ReikiMiAlma practitioners are here to help assist you to recover your consciousness to clear them, to cleanse them, and to activate them to your true universal Starseed original being human self. What is Starseed’s mission? First, you can hold on to the light and clear your blocks. Second, you can contact your higher self and find your true essence to discover your gifts for your highest purpose.

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Miami, FL, USA

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