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Distance Reiki Healing

Universal Healing has no concept of time and space.

  • 30 minutes
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Service Description

Distance Reiki Healing is an effective way to transform people life to their highest divine path. This is a natural phenomenon energy that reaches everywhere all you need is to breathe and create an intention. Universal Healing connects to all dimensions, is immediately transmitted and received with no concept of space and time. It is possible to send healing to your past to support you for a better future. A Natural Universal Law does not rest; everything vibrates to passing rhythm. A Reiki Master has prepared and is able to scan the body for these vibrating frequencies. A person with feelings of fear, grief, and despair vibrates very low and stagnant. However, a person with peace, joy, love, and recognition to appreciate life is much faster, lighter and smoother. Reiki energy flows allow healing to the recipient to the greatest and highest good. Distance Reiki Healing goes where the recipient needs it. It is powerful enough to heal the practitioner as well, it gives and receives… In a Distance Reiki Healing session, there is no need for a phone conference, internet session conference or contact. Distance Reiki Healing is a universal language that can be transmitted anywhere.

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Miami, FL, USA

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