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Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy

Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy

  • 4 hours 30 minutes
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Service Description

The only way you may experience emotional healing is being connected to self-awareness. We are currently surfacing a great amount of collective consciousness of emotional trauma. Looking for a payment plan, ASK ME Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy incorporating practices of Quantum Alchemy with the Angelic Being assistance. This is one of the most beneficial deep-rooted healing from a past life regression. Quantum Alchemy healing with the ancient and sacred symbols creates a deeper connection to higher realms. To connect to your Higher Self to Quantum healing or if a deeper connection is needed Archangels are immediately connecting you to healing your mind, body and soul fractals. Ask, "Who is your Higher Self/Soul?" It is truly your God/God/Source. This is an amazing platform to find all the answers we are looking for and received unlimited healing from Source, the infinite love light from your Higher Self to your current vessel. I believe you can receive and begin the process of healing of illness such as cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Epstein-Barr virus, dis-ease, disorders, grow teeth, heal spines, tumors, hips, tumors, organs, bones expand spiritual growth, for-give your-self, and others be free from pain and grief. The combination of the Sacred Alchemy symbols, Angelic energy work, create a bridge for you to connect to your higher self. QHHT, BQH, and Hypnotherapy Practitioners that have received an A.U.R.A. are astonished at the difference they have felt because of the beginning energy work, in agreement that energy work is essential before any hypnosis technique. The key being, the energy work is done before your induction begins. Our planet has been invaded and our true DNA memory has been erased throughout our abuse, traumas, shock, and devastation. tragedy. We need clearing these memories through emotional clearing practice hypnoses and past life regression. Have you ever felt unworthy, shame or experience guilt? Once you build the walls of separation you are in a betrayal abandonment anger, feeling fear and entrapped of your own person's aura. These blockages of energies will not allow a deep enough connection to the Higher Self. A body scan will identify blocked or misaligned chakras, issues with auric field, negative cords, negative implants, hooks, portals, removal of entities or Reptilian Consciousness, fragmented soul, contracts and trauma from the current or past life. Kindly, feel free to contact for more

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Miami, FL, USA

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