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Angel Reiki Master Attunement

Visualize the Archangel's light in your third eye chakra...

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Service Description

Join us in taking a Soul consciousness into the Spiritual Realm of light being, Angels. Angel Reiki is incorporated into Reiki Attunement with 7 Archangel Divine Vibrations from the practitioner to the recipient to receive soul energy healing. The divine vibrations intervene to remove old thought clogs and transmutes them to a higher divine source. You are never alone light beings on the many high dimensions are always protecting us and guiding us. Reiki relieves stress, anxiety, depression and helps to eliminate blockages that cause physical and emotional pain. Angel Reiki source energy therapy works by clearing, removing debris and balancing the chakras. Angel Reiki is a miracle technique in removing and cutting old cords limiting old belief that no longer holds your true life’s purpose. This is a powerful and safe channeling with Archangels once you ask them to intervene they come with thousands of military light being angels to assist. Archangel Sandalphon, "The Protector of Unborn Children" Archangel Camuel, "One Who Sees God" Archangel Uriel, "Fire/Light of God" Archangel Rafael, "God Heals" Archangel Michael, "Who is like God" Archangel Gabriel, "Strength of God" Archangel Zedkiel, "Righteousness of God " What is included? You will receive: 1-hour Schedule of Distance Angel Reiki Attunement Digital download of the original Angel Reiki Attunement Manual Certificate of lineage and signature via email Training, guidance, and support via email

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Miami, FL, USA

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