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Sugilite is a unique stone with an ignition to protect you. It’s a beautiful, vibrant and rare gem that can be opaque. It is a spiritual or psychic protection because it can help remove negative attachments and blockages in your aura.

As surrounded by sugilite’s energies, you will be encouraged to generate and ignite or manifest your birthright natural gifts.


It’s a powerful stone if you wish to have a healing environment. It can attract healing powers to your life and surround you with healing and protective energies


We’re opening to deeper attunements & new kinds of information. This assists the lightworkers & all advanced souls who have answered the clear call. 


ReikiMiAlma Universal Galactic Regression Practitioner, 

ReikiMiAlma Universal Trinity Healing Practitioner,  

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner (Dolores Cannon), 

Universal Astrological Cosmic Starseeds Origin, 

Akashic Records, 

Usui Reiki I, Reiki II & Reiki Master/Teacher, 

Angel Reiki Master Attunement

Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy Practitioner, 

Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing Practitioner, 

Reiki Kundalini Master Practitioner, 

Crystal Energy Intuitive Healer Activator, 

Sacred Flames Igniter Practitioner, 

Universal Starseed Galactic Brithchart

Universal Starseed Galactic Origin 

Essential Oils & Botanical Herbalists, Photographer Healer & Instructor. &

Sugilite Adjustable Gold Bracelet

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