Crystal Green Aventurine Heart Reiki Genuine Silver Necklace. Well-being, Calmness and  Dissolves Negativity.  Crystal cleanses the heart chakra by purifying all shadows and transmuting in light and love. Removes all vibration causing fear and promotes a sense of emotional safety. Intervention by St. Rafael Archangel for security. This stone has a strong potent ability to dissolve emotional blockages and wounds. ​Green aventurine when placed on the heart chakra guards against psychic attacks and psychic vampires.

It promotes compassion and empathy and encourages perseverance. This stone brings together the intellectual and emotional bodies. Aventurine calms anger and irritation. It stimulates emotional recovery and enables living within your own heart. Aventurine promotes a feeling of well-being.

Chakra Alignment: Heart 

Element: Earth, Water

Numerology : 3 

Astrological signs: Aries, Gemini and Leo as well all open heart beings 

Reiki Heart Chakras allows you to live freely and openly from a place of compassion. However, a blocked heart chakra can interfere with your happiness and relationships in many ways. 

These authentic crystals are infused with Reiki Energy to clear out blockages and is blessed by clearing, cleansed and Reiki infused by a Usui Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki Master/Teachers, and Archangels and Angel Reiki. Al-natural crystal stones vary slightly in weight & color appearance.  Genuine Sterling Silver. 

Aventurine Heart ReikiMiAlma Necklace



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    Miami, FL, USA