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ReikiMiAlma Universal Galactic & Trinfinity Regression

I want my clients to be partners in their own healing. I want them to understand how powerful their minds and bodies really are.  We are able to learn how to activate our DNA cellular memory. The "Lightbody" is the foundation that holds our consciousness record/blueprint by connecting us to our higher self (soul). Thank you for your testimonials and love donation, click link. I truly appreciate you for supporting our organization. A love contribution will assist us in sharing awareness and raising our awakening vibrations to higher frequency together...

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There is a special state of consciousness that once achieved would not only provide an understanding of one’s life purpose but would also guide one to achieve it. In this special state, one is always at peace regardless of what is taking place in the outer world. And it is from this place of peace that one completes one’s life purpose.


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ReikiMiAlma Universal Galactic & Trinity Healing

ReikiMiAlma Universal Galactic & Trinity Healing

ReikiMiAlma Universal Galactic & Trinity is Trinfinity Healing.  Reiki Healing is an effective way to transform people's lives to their highest divine path. This is natural phenomenon energy that reaches everywhere all you need is to breathe and create an intention. Universal Healing connects to all dimensions, is immediately transmitted and received with no concept of space and time. It is possible to send healing to your past to support you for a better future. A Natural Universal Law does not rest; everything vibrates to passing rhythm. A ReikiMiAlma Universal Galactic Master has prepared and can scan the body for these vibrating frequencies. 



Distance Reiki Healing

Distance Reiki Healing is a healing technique based on the principle of free and natural uninterrupted energy flow. This Distance Reiki Healing's energy helps activate the natural healing processes in each patient's body as well as to restore their physical and emotional well-being. As a certified Reiki Healer, I help patients reduce their stress and anxiety, among other ailments.


Distance healing is an effective way to transform people life to their highest divine path. This is natural phenomenon energy that reaches everywhere all you need is to breathe and create an intention. 

Tree of Life


Reiki Crystal Healing

The Chakras system has different sections associated with names, locations, central issues and balancing goals. Chakras are dimensional wheels that are open with energy flowing within natural harmonizing your spirit, mental, emotional and health. A disharmony body indicates that the chakras wheels are not moving causing dysfunctional vibes and disharmony. Each wheel is associated with a specific body part, organ structures, emotions, colors, elements, and spiritual connections. We all have a higher power that designates your chakras to flow and to circulate like flower petals. This higher power energy goes by many different names, symbols, and languages. The Sanskrit, means life force in chi, prana, and soul are some examples.


As a Reiki Master practitioner when I integrate crystals during a private session we amplify the healing benefits. There are 7 Chakras in your body, the lower 3 chakras are masculine and connected to your ego. The higher 3 chakras are feminine and are associated with spiritual realms. The heart is the center of the chakras that need to be balanced with your Soul/Spirit. Life circles us around opening and unfolding and this is how we rescue ourselves to find whom we are meant to be.

Tree of Life, universal is vibrations manifesting multidimensional layers of harmonious frequency. The Lightbody have the energetic blueprint in the "Tree of Life," holograph of the highest consciousness pathway. The light and sound waves hold the blueprint connection to our higher self and it makes physical manifestations.


Crown Chakra = Amethyst, Awareness
Third Eye Chakra = Lapis Lazuli, Intuition
Throat Chakra = Blue Lace,  Communication
Heart Chakra = Green Aventurine, Open Heart to Love
Solar Plexus Chakra = Citrine Courage and Power
Sacral Chakra = Carnelian, Life, Stability, and Fame
Root Chakra= Red Jasper, Grounding, Roots and Abundance

reikimialma universal galactic and trini


ReikiMiAlma Universal Galactic & Trinity Regression

ReikiMiAlma Universal Galactic & Trinity Regression is a healing trinfinity modality that takes you to the core of your soul. The healing modalities safely take you back to the past, present, parallel, and/or future lifetimes. It’s like calling up the universe for a complete harmonic universal healing. ReikiMiAlma is a certified and experienced instructor dedicated to this Universal Galactic & Trinity Healing channeling. 

We’re opening to deeper attunements & new kinds of information. This assists the lightworkers & all advanced souls who have answered the clear call.

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