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Unakite ReikiMiAlma Infused Necklace with 22 inches Silver Plated 1 necklace.


Abundant energy with the most loving touch of pink. Emotional love and opening your psychic vision.


Zodiac Scorpion

Heart Chakra

Element FIRE & WATER


Releasing discomfort and illness that's produced by a blockage. No more secret and see what we behind the manipulations must go away because it in longer serves you.


We’re opening to deeper attunements & new kinds of information. This assists the lightworkers & all advanced souls who have answered the clear call.


ReikiMiAlma Universal Galactic Trinfinity Regression,

ReikiMiAlma Universal Trinfinity Healing,

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

(Dolores Cannon),

Usui Reiki I, Reiki II & Reiki Master/Teacher,

Angel Reiki Master Attunement,

Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy,

Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing,

Reiki Kundalini Master,

Crystal Energy Intuitive Healer Activator,

Sacred Flames Igniter,

Ordained Minister,

Photographer Healer & more.

Unakite Necklace

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