Distance Reiki Healing

Universal Healing connects to all dimensions and is immediately transmitted and received with no concept of space and time. It is possible to send healing to your past to support you for a better future. A Natural Universal Law does not rest; everything vibrates to passing rhythm. A Master Reiki has prepared and is able to scan the body for these vibrating frequencies. A person with feelings of fear, grief, and despair vibrates very low and stagnant. However, a person with peace, joy, love, and recognition to appreciate life is much faster, lighter and smoother. Reiki energy flows allow healing to the recipient to the greatest and highest good. Distance Reiki healing goes where the recipient needs it. It is powerful enough to heal the practitioner as well, it gives and receives…


Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen – The Distance Symbols transcending no present, past or future. The basic five kanji meaning are:

•    HON, root, source, book, present, real
•    SHA, person, sun
•    ZE, proper, harmony, right
•    SHO, justice, righteous birthright, correct
•    NEN, final, wish, desire, heart, now

Take the time to relax, sit down or lie down but if it’s necessary to continue your activities it will result in harmoniously. Ground yourself by drawing Reiki energy through your feet on the ground, this means to place yourself in the now moment by clearing your mind.

I believe that Crystal holds a powerful shield against any negative vibes and it doesn’t just shield it transmute it to positive as well. There are so many natural crystals that hold magical healing benefits. As a Reiki Master, I love to work with special natural crystals that I have to cleanse, cleared and infused with Reiki Energy for many clients. This great energy intention is infused with the light and it can clear out our energy fields.

In a Reiki Distance healing session, there is no need for a phone conference, internet session conference or contact. Distance Reiki healing is a universal language that can be transmitted anywhere.
In Reiki, there is a lot of different sensations as well and sometimes there is not. Some people have expressed feeling warm, cold, tingling, electrical, vibrations, pressure, lightheaded and even see colors. Sometimes you can trigger some past trauma, past emotions and many times feel the sad negative energies leave you. Also, it can take days before you may recognize a different as this light healing energy lingers around your energetic fields doing what is your highest divine purpose in spirit, soul, and life.

Distress damages energy in our aura energy fields making it easier to be influenced. These influences are the lower vibrations beings causing confusion and obstructing our chakras to the light. We may have emotional scars and physical trauma that can cause distress. Words can be used as weapons and it can hold fears from past experiences, past lives, and generic memories. We need to be cleansed, healed within and return to the lightbody that is our righteous birthright. By releasing old energy that is stored in your energy field sometimes people may feel some aches, pain or nothing as these energies are released. After distance healing session you will feel a sense of calm, relaxed and very light-hearted. Always keep hydrated by drinking water as it causes toxins to be released. See, Disclaimer below, we do not substitute for medical treatment of any kind and always consult a medical doctor.


Opening your chakras to your higher divine purpose is reclaiming your soul purpose. These are the many benefits of receiving Reiki: 


Promotes health and wellbeing

Helps with pain management
Helps with mental clarity
Releases stress and tension
Relieves depression
Relieves anxiety
Helps imbalances in relationships
Aid to addiction to negativity
Assist to surrender
Helps to eliminate negative thought patterns
Helps with relaxation
Helps improve sleep
Helps increase energy levels
Eases digestion
Improves self-esteem
Dissolves energy blocks
Promotes natural balance between mind, body, and spirit
Improves focus
Accelerates the body’s self-healing ability
Reduces blood pressure
Helps relieve pain
Assists the body in releasing toxins
Supports and strengthens the immune system
Helps spiritual growth and emotional cleansing
Promotes creativity
Raises consciousness and opens awareness
Complements medical treatment


After a healing session please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns or have any feedback about your experience, thank you.



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